ActiveTherapyLogoAndrew Caldwell BSc (Hons) MSc MCSP
» 15 Years post Graduate Experience
» Musculoskeletal / Sports Injury Specialist
» Leading Golf Physiotherapy & Athletic Development Consultant
» Consultant Physiotherapist to the PGA (Professional Golf Association)
» Provision of Physiotherapy services to the FA, LTA, UK Athletics
» Accredited Kinetic Control Movement Therapist
» AACP Accredited Acupuncturist

Golf Profiling Service:

Do you suffer with

» Early extension
» Reverse pivot
» Reduced shoulder or hip turn
» Poor posture at address
» Chicken wing/flying, flying elbow / arm dissociation

Book in for an Active therapy Golf profiling session. Many of these faults may be caused by Physical rather than Technical Issues.

Member Discount

All members of the Chase Golf Health Club & Spa are entitled to 25% discount on initial assessment treatment session. Normal fee £40 – Members fee £30 45 minutes duration.

The session includes

» Detailed assessment of your condition
» Clear diagnosis
» Structured treatment plan
» Time scales for recovery
» Comprehensive exercise programme to complement your treatment sessions

Active Therapy also has extensive experience and specialist expertise in treating sports injuries such as

– Strains (thigh, hamstring, calf, groin)
– Sprains (ligaments/capsule of the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and hand/wrist)
– Tendon disorders (tendonosis of rotator cuff, elbow, achilles or patella tendons).

See https://www.active-therapy.com/ for full details on our Physio Therapist

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