Sue Starr Clinical

Therapist Dip Hyp, DNLP, GQHP, GHRreg


Sue is a qualified clinical therapist and has been based at the The Chase Golf & Country Club for the last 10 years. In this time, Sue has supported hundreds of people with ages ranging from 6 to 86 with many different conditions and uses a variety of established therapeutic techniques to enable change.

These include:

  • NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming)
  • CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing)

Clients come to Sue often struggling and ready to make personal change. Their challenges can be as diverse as anxiety or depression, weight-loss, addictions and quit smoking; through to nail biting, phobias and public speaking.  She works with the client to identify the right therapy approach and can help bring real and positive improvement to the day to day function of ordinary people.

The majority of Sue’s clients come through reputation and word of mouth, as well as strong relationships with local GP clinics, dentist surgeries and school support networks.

You can find Sue in our new luxurious “Wellness @ The Chase

Sue Starr

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